Ever feel like you’re not really communicating? That nobody understands you? Since God destroyed the Tower of Babel, we’ve all felt that way.  (For many of us, the etching below by Cornelis Anthonisz, Fall of the Tower of Babel, 1547, pretty well sums up how our lives have been going).

Voices logo blueBut the confusion of languages had its resolution at Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Now, in Christ, a diversity of voices can come together in unity, if we abandon ourselves to Him.

We hope this can be a clearing house for questions, responses, and general comments too lengthy to fit under a particular posting or podcast elsewhere on the site. Folks on our block and friends in far-flung locations can have discussions here together, and share how the mystery of the cross of Christ is both disturbing and enriching our lives.

You need to register to participate. To register, e-mail the webmaster at and he’ll put you on the list. (We’re having problems with built-in registration process) If you have an edifying rant, reflection,  artwork  or essay you’d like to submit, send it to

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