I Woke Up September 11th

This is by Jessica Mujica, our friend in Asheville, North Carolina. Check out her blog at http://thatswhatijesssaid.blogspot.com/

I Woke Up September 11th

Heart racing, mind buzzing
faster and faster it beats
exploding into
a million little pieces in the sand,
justifications disappeared
conversation long gone
kicking up sand as I ran
saltwater and tears

Two pillars
leveled to dusty graves,
threads of loved ones unravel,
suffering etched in the survivors,
legs collapsing under me
from the weight of it all around,
my strength is gone
my tower falls,

Unspoken words rush my body,
spilling over
the strength of another,
calling to the deep for healing,
praying community,
Holy Spirit, Christ and God
together inside my broken shell,
ignite within me
conception, birth and freedom,
into The Body

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One Response to I Woke Up September 11th

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi, Jessica: Your poem expresses an incredible revelation of freedom for those affected by 9/11. I hope that it reaches this audience so in need of healing.

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