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November 7, 2021 – 1 Samuel 9 – Saul is Chosen

Saul’s search from some missing donkeys brings him to the prophet Samuel, who has been told Saul will be the new king of Israel. Jewish tradition adds that Samuel then instructs Saul in the importance of humility. Notes in 1 … Continue reading

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October 24, 2021 – 1 Samuel 8 – Israel Asks for a King

The people, disgruntled about Samuel’s sons’ activities as unjust judges and fearful of growing enemy threats, ask for a king to rule them. Notes for 1 Samuel 8:1-22

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October 17, 2021 – 1 Samuel 7 – Samuel calls for repentance

Israel responds to Samuel’s call for repentance, and God delivers them from a Philistine attack. In gratitude, Samuel erects a “stone of help” to commemorate God’s deliverance. Notes on 1 Samuel 7:1-17

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September 12, 2021 – 1 Samuel 6 – The Philistines Return the Ark

With plague ravaging their land, the Philistine soothe-sayers recommend a way to return the Ark to Israel, which will determine whether the plague was from the hand of God, or merely chance. They include a box containing a very strange … Continue reading

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September 5, 2021 – 1 Samuel 5 – The Ark Plagues the Philistines

The Philistines get more than they bargained for when they captured the Ark. Their god Dagon is toppled, and a plague ravages their cities. Notes on 1 Samuel 5:1-12

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August 29, 2021 – 1 Samuel 4 – The Ark is Captured

Israel and the Philistines battle again, but this time the Ark is captured, and Eli’s sons are killed. When he hears the news, Eli himself falls backwards and dies, fulfilling Samuel’s prophecy. Notes for 1 Samuel 4:1-22

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August 22, 2021 – 1 Samuel 3 – The Call of Samuel

God wakes up Samuel and gives him a dire prophecy to deliver to Eli, describing the complete downfall of his house because of his negligence in restraining his sons’ corruption. Notes on 1 Samuel 3:1-21

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