Studying the Historical Books


After completing our 3 1/2-year cycle of readings in the Torah, we’ve decided to continue with the historical books that follow, beginning with Joshua. We’ll read first about the conquest of the Canaanite tribes, then examine the disappointing time of the Judges – punctuated by the exploits of Gideon and Samson – and the turmoil that led up to the anointing of Saul as King.

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October 18, 2020 – Joshua 15:1-63 – Caleb and Othniel

A long list of boundary place names conceal spiritual truths about our inheritance in the Promised Land. Othniel wins Caleb’s daughter as his wife.

Notes on Joshua 15:1-63

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October 10, 2020 – Feast of Tabernacles

We’re celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles on Saturday, October 10!

The Hebrew word for Tabernacles is “sukkah” which originally meant “woven” and applied to the branches woven together to make simple shelters. Israel was commanded to dwell in booths like this for seven days. The booth reflects the fragility, precariousness and impermanence of life in this world.

The Talmud relates that in the end of days, “all the nations of the world will express a desire to repent, and God will judge them through the commandment of building a sukkah… He will give this single commandment to the entire world to fulfill.” (Babylonian Talmud, Avoda Zara 3)

Jesus used the feast as a venue to announce Himself as the Light of the World, and as the Living Water necessary for salvation.

See the Notes on Tabernacles here.

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October 4, 2020 – Joshua 14:1-15 – Moses’ Promise to Caleb

Moses promised Caleb “I will give him and his descendants the land on which he has set foot, because he followed the LORD wholeheartedly.”

Notes on Joshua 14:1-15

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September 27, 2020 – Joshua 13:1-33 – Unfinished Conquest and the Division of the Land

Joshua failed to completely conquer the Canaanites. How much of our spiritual inheritance still remains unclaimed?

Notes on Joshua 13:1-33

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September 20, 2020 – Joshua 12:1-24 – List of Defeated Canaanite Kings

This concludes Joshua’s conquest of the Promised Land. But why repeat all this here? Because it shows us both the enemies that had to be overcome while at the same time giving us a view of the spiritual resting place God has provided.

Notes on Joshua 12:1-24

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