July 5, 2020 – Joshua 1:10-18 – Can Joshua Fill Moses’ Sandals?

Joshua succeeds Moses because of his humility and loyalty. But Joshua’s weaknesses, according to the rabbis, had to be overcome. In some areas, Joshua would even exceed Moses.

Notes on Joshua 1:10-18

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June 28, 2020 – Joshua 1:1-9 – A New Leader

The first of the historical books is Joshua.

Joshua appears early on as Moses’ sentry at the base of Mount Sinai during the Golden calf incident (Exodus 32). He also has an important role as one of the 12 spies sent into the land of Canaan, and one of only two who came back with positive reports about the land (Numbers 13-14)

Finally, after Moses strikes the rock and loses his right to enter the Land of Israel (Numbers 20), Joshua is designated the next leader of the Israelites. And it is under Joshua’s leadership that they enter the land of Canaan.

Notes on Joshua 1:1-9

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June 21, 2020 – [Delayed] Pentecost!

Our Pentecost celebration was delayed because of the coronavirus restrictions. But this Sunday – keeping our distance and wearing masks – we will gather under Tom Brooks’ new outdoor pavilion Sunday morning to eat blintzes and read the Book of Ruth!

Read the notes on Pentecost here.

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Studying the Historical Books


After completing our 3 1/2-year cycle of readings in the Torah, we’ve decided to continue with the historical books that follow, beginning with Joshua. We’ll read first about the conquest of the Canaanite tribes, then examine the disappointing time of the Judges – punctuated by the exploits of Gideon and Samson – and the turmoil that led up to the anointing of Saul as King.

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June 14, 2020 – Deut. 34:1-12 – The Death of Moses

Torah Reading: Deuteronomy 34:1-12 – The Death of Moses

This chapter ends our 3 1/2-year cycle of Torah readings!

Psalm 148-150 (Repeat)
Haftarah: Joshua 1:1-9 (Repeat)

Notes on Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Notes on Psalm 150

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