Triennial Cycle of Torah Readings


We’re studying the first five books of the Bible, the Torah, in imitation of how Jesus and the disciples studied the scriptures. The whole process will take three and a half years. Passages from the Prophets and the Psalms are paired with those from the Torah, which often brings out hidden meaning and clarifies many of the sayings of Jesus.

We’ll publish the readings for each week here, and you are encouraged to comment, ask questions or add insights each week. Follow along with us!

More background on the Triennial Cycle is found here.

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    • Scott says:

      I’m back on line w/ our group as of late last evening after recovering my Yahoo account. Uh? – sorta been lost in the shuffle seven Sabbaths till Sunday but so glad to be connected again and catching up on the triennial readings. It’s an anchor for me, so glad for this and you all.

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