Morning Bible Study on the Block

Ole Anthony teaches a Morning Bible Study for our community (and anybody else who drops by) at 7:30 a.m. in our dining area called The Lair. Besides being our founding pastor and oldest elder, Ole is also president of our favorite non-profit, Trinity Foundation Inc.

These podcasts reflect the morning meetings– they’re raw and (mostly) unedited. Previous mp3 files of teachings from 2005 through March 2010 are available here for the time being. We are slowly adding descriptions and scripture references to the list. Thanks for your patience.

Just click the link to play the audio file in your browser or right-click on the link to download the file. (In some of the podcasts the volume is too low — that’s our fault, not yours).

For Ole’s Wednesday night Bible study podcasts, go here.

Watch Ole reading the sermon “On Passover” by second-century A.D. pastor Melito of Sardis‘ during our 2019 Passover celebration (Click on the Photo, it lasts about an hour):

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