Passover: Why is this night different…?

As Passover approaches (April 22-24), it’s time to experience the plagues, search for leaven and escape from any aspect of the world system, i.e. “Egypt,” that has ensnared us.

Passover image

The Exodus (Cecil B. DeMille style)

Israel’s history always reflected inner spiritual truth. The plagues actually fell on Pharoah’s “heart.” Jesus defined the search for leaven as really an inner “spring cleaning” from the self-focused ways of thinking that puff us up. The blood on the doorpost finds its fulfillment in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. And the drowning of Pharoah’s army in the Red Sea signifies that we’ve been buried in baptism, and a new creation comes out on the other side.

The purpose of the annual Passover ceremony is to all bring this into present immediacy so that each participant is made to feel “as if he had personally come out from Egypt.”

Let’s make that our prayer this year. Download the Passover Memo (pdf file) for scripture readings and a schedule of activities.

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