Feast of Tabernacles

We’re celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles on Saturday, September 30!

The Hebrew word for Tabernacles is “sukkah” which originally meant “woven” and applied to the branches woven together to make simple shelters. Israel was commanded to dwell in booths like this for seven days. The booth reflects the fragility, precariousness and impermanence of life in this world.

The Talmud relates that in the end of days, “all the nations of the world will express a desire to repent, and God will judge them through the commandment of building a sukkah… He will give this single commandment to the entire world to fulfill.” (BT Avoda Zara 3)

Jesus used the venue feast to announce Himself as the Light of the World, and as the Living Water necessary for salvation.

Read our memo on the feast here.

Notes on the Booth and the Pillar of Cloud

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