A trainwreck

…in slow motion.

That’s what true communication most resembles, and the few who experience it are never satisfied with anything less.

All of us are on an earthbound, linear track of cause and effect, barreling down the shortest path between misery and our illusions of future happiness. We carry the freight and baggage of our personal habits and opinions.

Train TracksWe’ve built the track with our assumptions about life, our plans and goals, the best our rational minds can produce. Some of us blindly follow that path until we die. Others see that it’s going nowhere, but don’t know how to get off.

We pretend that our words convey meaning, that we know each other, that we can agree. But a feeling of terrible aloneness betrays that as a lie.

Any true communication between us must jump the tracks that took a lifetime to construct. We make attempts, but the vibrations begin to shake us apart, and eventually we give up.

The only way out is to hear the Word of God.

When He speaks, the irresistible force of our will meets the immovable object—God Himself. It’s a wrenching, terrifying experience—an internal train wreck. For many of us, the cars continue slamming together for years.

Though it seems like a disaster, it’s really a release.

Jesus said that unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone. But if it dies, it brings forth much fruit.

True communication of the Word brings death before it can bring life. This is a universal truth that science proves, but that modern humanism cringes from and that religion has forgotten.

Community on Columbia is dedicated to examining life in the light of that truth.

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