Studying the Historical Books


After completing our 3 1/2-year cycle of readings in the Torah, we decided to continue with the historical books that follow, beginning with Joshua.

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December 3, 2023 – 1 Kings 12 – A Kingdom Divided

Solomon’s son Rehoboam listens to bad counsel from his young advisors. Jeroboam returns and persuades the 10 northern tribes to rebel against Rehoboam, as God had told him through the prophet Ahijah.  Jeroboam sets up two golden calf idols at Bethel and Dan. The fruit of Solomon’s slide away from wisdom to idolatry results in a long-lasting national disaster for the nation of Israel.

Notes on 1 Kings 12:1-33

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November 26, 2023 – 1 Kings 11 – The Fall and Death of Solomon

King Solomon’s fall from being a wise and righteous ruler to a deluded, foolish, idolatrous doormat to his many wives’ demands is both puzzling and tragic. His sin caused God to later rip away 10 tribes from his son Rehoboam and split the kingdom in two. It’s unclear whether Solomon changed his ways in his old age, but hints in scripture including the Book of Ecclesiastes point to his eventual repentance.

Notes on 1 Kings 11:1-43

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November 12, 2023 – 1 Kings 10 – Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba is intrigued by stories of the wisdom and riches of King Solomon, and travels from Yemen to his court. She tests him with riddles, and according to tradition converts to worship the true God. Christian commentators have seen her as a type of the Gentile believers who come “from the uttermost parts of the earth” to join with Israel.

Notes for 1 Kings 10:1-29

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October 29, 2023 – 1 Kings 9 – God Replies to Solomon’s Prayer

God replies to Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple with a warning of the dire consequences of falling away from obedience and going after idols.

Notes on 1 Kings 9:1-28


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October 22, 2023 – 1 Kings 8:12-61 – Solomon’s Prayer

At the dedication of the new Temple, King Solomon addresses the people, focusing on humility, and then offers a prayer invoking God’s acceptance of His new dwelling place and pleading for God to forgive his people when they repent.

Notes on 1 Kings 8:12-61

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October 15, 2023 – 1 Kings 8:1-11 – The Dedication of Solomon’s Temple

At the time of the Feast of Tabernacles, the Ark is brought into the Holy of Holies, heavenly fire descends to consume the sacrifice and the Shekinah glory fills the Temple, causing the priests to fall down on their faces before a holy God. These events also prefigure what happens in the heart of every new believer. (Also read 2 Chronicles 7:1-22).

Notes on 1 Kings 8:1-11

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October 1, 2023 – Preparing for the Feast of Tabernacles

Since next week we will be feasting and partying on Tabernacles, we will study about it this week to get ready.

The Feast of Tabernacles is a festival of light and joy. The spiritual meaning of the feast is expressed in a number of types – the booth, the ethrog and lulav, the lighting of the lamps, the water-and-wine-pouring ceremony, wearing of white garments, the 7-day Jewish wedding and the final eighth-day meal. Jesus fulfilled all these pictures.

Notes on the Feast of Tabernacles

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